About Us

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About Us

Universal Apps Pty ltd is an Australian startup company with expertise in developing web applications, mobile apps and web portals. The company is headquartered in Brisbane with an office in Kuala Lumpur.

The main idea behind the Universal Apps was creating universal mobile applications which could be customized by the user or an admin to fit the needs of businesses who are looking for their own exclusive and app but they cannot afford it. Universal Apps focuses on applications which are widely used under many different names to deliver the same service for particular clients, but due to poor design or limited resources, they are not known or welcomed and therefore fail.

Universal Apps tries to design and deliver a comprehensive platforms with the front end user app and allows users to manage and configure the app based on business needs by a fraction of the main cost; usually a monthly subscription fee.

Our Vision

There are thousands of software , web applications or mobile apps in the market which are designed each to handle one particular task. There are millions of users who have to use a combination of many software, web applications or mobile apps to complete a complex task. We reduce the number of apps and increase the number of tasks that a single app can do. We always offer “All In One” solutions to users to reduce costs and time and increase the efficiency and output. Universal Apps policy is always there to merge all services available in one single app.

Our Mission

We believe there is a gap in the saturated market of software or mobile applications which gives room to a start-up company like Universal Apps to prove itself and rise up; and that’s the gap of “quality”.

This is actually the “quality” not necessarily the idea behind an app or web that gives it the chance of monetizing and doing real business. Idea is free and available to everybody, but creation and innovation are result of the “quality” in design, implementation and service which transforms an idea to a success. We in Universal Apps have the concern of quality in our approach and will never compromise it