Menumiz™ is an end to end restaurant management system unique in the world. Menumiz is a restaurant management app and EPOS system (SaaS) that harnesses the power of mobile to speed up restaurant services, from digital menu, taking self-service orders, sending kitchen instructions to accepting payments and more. This helps restaurants to operate at an optimal level, deliver quality service to their diners, and get paid effortlessly.

Menumiz was developed by Universal Apps team with partnership with VOU, an IT company based in Kuala Lumpur, the city of dining out! It took more than two years to develop such a complex system with the cost of over 3 million dollars to the company. The system has been launched in Malaysia in Jan 2020. Menumiz will be available soon in Australia and South Africa . Menumiz consist of more than forty modules to support whatever a restaurant or cafe needs All-In-One and is available in Android & iOS and web. Menumiz is the only EPOS system on cloud that supports self-service order and payment as in a contact-less dining experience which has made it demanding in post corona days. Please visit for more information.


NOVIDIC™ solution was developed during corona virus outbreak in Australia as a pandemic tracking and management system once we learnt the current tracking systems are struggling with the task. NOVIDIC™ uses a GEO-QR code tagging technology and follows a “visit” based algorithm in tracking and detecting a pandemic contraction. The system does not use any GPS , Bluetooth signal or microphone which may trigger privacy violation concerns. NOVIDIC™ supports both app (Android & iOS) or mobile web browser to overcome the app installation challenge as the main drawback in other tacking systems.

NOVIDIC™ is available to governments and authorized health care agency for a national wide-use or to corporations dealing with resuming business after COVID-19 damages, such as hotels , Universities or airports.